About Us

VANTAGE GROUP® was formed exclusively to support the electrical supply needs of the multiple location industrial and commercial customer. VANTAGE is comprised of, and owned by, five of the most progressive Electrical Distributor organizations in the world. Combined, we offer over 400 years of experience and employ over 20,000 professionals. Our local branches are also market leaders, maintaining a strong position within their geography with specific inventory relating to their customers. With annual sales exceeding $30 billion, our 2400 locations worldwide (over 800 in North America,) stand ready to service your multiple facilities. VANTAGE GROUP centralizes the management and computer systems in order to manage the complete supply chain. Our experience with Inventory Management, Cost Reduction, and Supply Chain Management makes VANTAGE GROUP the premier solution for your sole source electrical needs.

VANTAGE GROUP® operates as a cost center and does not add an additional layer of profit to any transaction. In fact, VANTAGE GROUP’s primary objective is to remove as much cost from our customer’s procurement process as possible.

To learn more about VANTAGE GROUP's capabilities please check out our video.