Serving Customer Needs Together

VANTAGE GROUP® has developed the Manufacturer Alliance Program (MAP) to formalize the Cost Saving Process between key manufacturers, VANTAGE GROUP®, and our customers. Specific goals are set with each manufacturer, for every VANTAGE customer, and results are documented to all parties. The end result is increased cost saving activity and an improved bottom line for the VANTAGE GROUP® customer.

  • Documented process for manufacturers to deliver cost savings to VANTAGE customers.
  • Manufacturer are committed to deliver cost savings.
  • Manufacturers are provided detailed reports in order to improve their performance with VANTAGE customers.
  • Best Practice Meetings are conducted; to enhance cost saving performance.
  • Focused Product Training from specific partner manufacturers
  • Documented cost saving program increases customer savings.
  • VANTAGE customers receive twice as much cost saving activity.
  • Increased knowledge equates to improved results for customers.
  • Knowledge sharing means better Performance on behalf of VANTAGE
  • Receive the most current information on products and programs that save time, money, and promote safety.