Your facilities can place orders how they want, where they want, and when they want. Whether you prefer an internally hosted e-commerce solution, third party e-commerce providers, direct order entry, or traditional fax and phone - VANTAGE GROUP® has the solution. You may also want to process invoices differently, for example, credit cards for one type of order and invoices for another – VANTAGE GROUP® still has the solution. Our systems are all linked through a single computer system allowing for streamlined ordering, accurate pricing, and customized electronic invoicing and reporting. The VANTAGE GROUP®’s product database includes over one million parts, all attributed to a standard noun-modifier-characteristic format, allowing for easy search and order capabilities. Whether you require a custom e-commerce solution or a “turn-key” answer, VANTAGE GROUP® can meet your needs.

  • Experience with various e-commerce options.
  • Experience with ERP systems.
  • Catalogs available in Ariba and CommerceOne formats.
  • Attributed data.
  • EDI and XML
  • Transition to an e-commerce solution quickly, with confidence
  • Allows for fast and easy searches
  • Faster order placement