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VANTAGE GROUP® is Everywhere

VANTAGE GROUP® has 800 locations in North America! That means wherever your facilities are, we’re likely to have a stocking branch close by. While many of your facilities may be located in remote areas, most electrical distributor chains are found only in major metropolitan areas. VANTAGE GROUP® is different. You will find us in towns like Keokuk, Iowa; Mineral Wells, Texas; and Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, sometimes more than once. And if your company has facilities outside of North America, VANTAGE GROUP® is your only global solution. In conjunction with owning member, Rexel Inc., VANTAGE GROUP® has over 2000 international locations in 32 countries around the world.

Local Market Strength

Not only will we have a branch near you, we will also have a high quality branch that is a leader in the local market. Due to our makeup, our branches are closer to the local market, as well as your facilities. You will be served by market leaders who understand the history and nuances of your area, not remote branches or non-stocking sales offices.

Access to Every Product Line

VANTAGE GROUP® consistently represents the top manufacturers in every electrical product group. Whether you need fittings, cable, PLC’s, or any other electrical product, VANTAGE GROUP® not only has the experience selling the product line you prefer, but also has a direct relationship with the manufacturer. In addition, VANTAGE GROUP®offers a wide array of inventory management services. Having the correct product solution for all of your facilities is critical; knowing that VANTAGE GROUP® has the manufacturer relationships and expertise to meet your needs is equally important.

Cost Reduction

VANTAGE GROUP® offers a wide array of cost reduction options that are geared specifically to your business. We will attack your procurement costs in the area ofpurchase price, transaction cost, and all other costs that will help improve your bottom line. Supplier and transaction consolidation, e-commerce, e-procurement, inventory management, and on time, error free shipping are only a few of the tools used to meet your goals.

Customer Satisfaction

VANTAGE GROUP® focuses on you; our customer. It is our sole charter to identify, analyze, accumulate and report on those areas that will have the most significant impact on your overall cost. You will benefit from a system that has been designed around the needs of national accounts, not a modified version of distribution software. Our unmatched capabilities will give you the timely information necessary to make important business decisions about your procurement process.

VANTAGE GROUP® programs will be implemented at your facilities and all cost savings will be accurately reported in an easily understood graphical format. We take the issues that are important to you and create long term solutions that will maximize savings.


Your facilities can place orders how they want, where they want, and when they want. Whether you prefer an internally hosted e-commerce solution, third party e-commerce providers, direct order entry, or traditional fax and phone - VANTAGE GROUP® has the solution.You may also want to process invoices differently, for example, credit cards for one type of order and invoices for another – VANTAGE GROUP® still has the solution.Our systems are all linked through a single computer system allowing for streamlined ordering, accurate pricing, and customized electronic invoicing and reporting.The VANTAGE GROUP®’s product database includes over one million parts, all attributed to a standard noun-modifier-characteristic format, allowing for easy search and order capabilities. Whether you require a custom e-commerce solution or a “turn-key” answer, VANTAGE GROUP® can meet your needs.

Internet Reporting

VANTAGE GROUP® has often been recognized by our customers for providing the most useful, professional and timely reports. As a VANTAGE GROUP® customer you will be able to access all of your purchase information “On-Line,” through a secured web site, exclusive to you. At any time, “log on” and view purchase history by month, year, facility or manufacturer.You will also receive detailed cost saving information, order analysis, and other information critical to your business.

Data Scrubbing

The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System cleans your database of electrical parts providing benefits for your entire company. Conversions to automated systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and others are made easier when your data is clean and accurate. The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System provides the codes for your parts so all ordering can be streamlined and automated. Errors and redundancy are virtually eliminated. Tracking and reporting is made possible when all of your parts have been accurately identified and categorized.

The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System processes each part description through fourteen levels of "scrubbing", passing each through over 8 million possible matches. VANTAGE GROUP® specializes in electrical supplies so no other organization can provide the expertise that we can. Your descriptions can be identified to a consistent attributed format, including UPC and UN/SPSC codes, manufacturer name, and exact manufacturer part number.