Data Scrubbing

The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System cleans your database of electrical parts providing benefits for your entire company. Conversions to automated systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and others are made easier when your data is clean and accurate. The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System provides the codes for your parts so all ordering can be streamlined and automated. Errors and redundancy are virtually eliminated. Tracking and reporting is made possible when all of your parts have been accurately identified and categorized.

The VANTAGE GROUP® Scrubber System processes each part description through fourteen levels of "scrubbing", passing each through over 8 million possible matches. VANTAGE GROUP® specializes in electrical supplies so no other organization can provide the expertise that we can. Your descriptions can be identified to a consistent attributed format, including UPC and UN/SPSC codes, manufacturer name, and exact manufacturer part number.

Fact Benefit
Consistent noun-modifier format.
Allows for fast and easy searches for products.
Addition of UPC and UN/SPSC codes.
Allows for error free e-commerce.
Eliminates inventory redundancies.
Allows for accurate reporting.
Ensures accurate pricing.