Cost Reduction

VANTAGE GROUP® offers a wide array of cost reduction options that are geared specifically to your business. We will attack your procurement costs in the area of purchase price, transaction cost, and all other costs that will help improve your bottom line. Supplier and transaction consolidation, e-commerce, e-procurement, inventory management, and on time, error free shipping are only a few of the tools used to meet your goals.

  • Purchase Price Reduction.
  • EDI, EFT, Consolidated and Electronic Billing Options.
  • VMI, Keep-fill, Bar-coding.
  • System/Production Analysis.
  • Energy and Power Audits.
  • Guaranteed Inventory and Deliveries.
  • Manufacturer Training.
  • Leveraged volume reduces price.
  • Reduces transaction costs.
  • Inventory management reduces carrying costs.
  • Streamlined processes for increased efficiencies.
  • Energy savings and downtime reductions.
  • Reduces storeroom inventory and improves service levels.
  • Access to, and knowledge of, the latest cost saving technologies.

Price Reduction

By utilizing the $11 billion in worldwide purchasing power of the VANTAGE GROUP® ownership, combined with proprietary software designed to identify price saving opportunities, VANTAGE GROUP® delivers the lowest possible price for the products you need.

Inventory Management

VANTAGE GROUP® first utilizes data scrubbing software to identify redundant and excess inventory. Then a series of cost saving steps are implemented that may include inventory identification, reduction, standardization, and elimination. A number of other service oriented programs are available that include inventory management, kitting, dedicated inventories, and consignment.

Energy Savings

VANTAGE GROUP® will enlist the lighting experts throughout our organization as well as our Manufacturer Alliance Partners manufacturers to conduct energy audits, power quality analysis, and to deliver energy saving solutions throughout your organization.

Process Improvement

VANTAGE GROUP® will analyze the entire supply chain to provide the optimum process for delivering product from the manufacturer to the distributor to the point of use location within your facilities.

Manufacturer Alliance Program

VANTAGE GROUP® has developed the Manufacturer Alliance Program (MAP) to formalize the Cost Saving Process between key manufacturers, VANTAGE GROUP®, and our customers. Specific goals are set with each manufacturer, for every VANTAGE customer, and results are documented to all parties. The end result is increased cost saving activity and an improved bottom line for the VANTAGE GROUP® customer.