Letter from the President

Dear Guest:

VANTAGE GROUP has just successfully completed our sixteenth year as our industry’s premier electrical commodity manager. Over fifty companies rely on us to manage their electrical MRO needs and to deliver ongoing cost savings that keep them on the cutting edge of efficiency. We’d like the opportunity to provide that service for your company as well!

When we began this venture in 1996, the needs of our customers were quite different than what they are today. Most Fortune 500 companies were still very much decentralized and the process of consolidating MRO spend was a goal, but the true value of being successful was unknown and hard to quantify. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically and VANTAGE continues to be at the forefront of providing the products and services that our customers need to manage their MRO requirements.

Consolidation is no longer a goal, it’s a requirement! The competitive nature of today’s business climate demands efficiency, and VANTAGE provides that in many forms. From inventory consolidation efforts to data cleansing and a full complement of e-commerce capabilities, VANTAGE has the experience and expertise to save you money. In order to successfully navigate the intricacies of the electrical industry, you need a partner that has your interests at heart. VANTAGE GROUP is that partner.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you’d like more information on our company or if you’d like to have one of our representatives contact you, please send us a note to either of the following email addresses: or

Megan O'Rear or I will be happy to contact you.

Wishing you the best of luck with your initiatives!

Larry D. Welch